Saturday, September 09, 2006

weird notions

I think I haven't been writing in this because I have some sort of weird notion that I can't put anything down here unless it's well-thought out and supported and fully fleshed out; perhaps this is a result of publicizing this blog more widely. Because I've had sporadic internet access lately, I haven't been posting. I never feel like I have time to fully cover a topic, so I decide to put off blogging about it, because I want to wait til I can put down everything I have to say about it.

Until I realized that I haven't written in this regularly in weeks, it's driving me crazy to have all of these half-finished thoughts bottled up in my brain with no space or time to air them out, and (newsflash!) there will never be time to write down everything I have to say about something. I'm just wordy and verbose like that, and isn't that what coming up with new ideas is all about? Continually revising and updating one's thoughts?

So, dear readers, I've made a few resolutions.
1) I'm going to try to go back to pretending I don't have an audience. Not because I'm not exceedingly fond of you (I am), or because I'm modest and don't want attention (I'm not and I do), but because I think it is giving me a little bit of performance anxiety to think about y'all. But! I still want comments and questions, and to engage with you (see parenthetical asides, above) so please keep reading and keep commenting or emailing me with questions. (I've given y'all my email address already, right? it's cislocative [at] gmail [dot] com.)

2) I'm going to post whatever I've got whenever I've got it, and if it's brief or not fully formed, and I end up repeating or contradicting myself later, then so be it! Also, this may result in more frequent posts of a shorter length. Fine and dandy.

Okay, now I'm done with all that weird self-referential business, I think I'll go eat lunch. And then blog some this afternoon. Cheers!

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