Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Shot # 2

Tonight at 6:30 I'll get my second shot of testosterone- still on a half dose of half a cc (100 mg) for the next two weeks. My third shot I'll go up to the standard dose of 200 mg every two weeks.
My doctor says that therapeutically speaking there isn't much of a difference between 200 mg every two weeks and 100 mg every week, though I've heard anecdotally that a smaller dose more frequently can help alleviate more drastic shifts in T levels, which tends to help with mood swings and acne. But on the other hand, the biweekly injections mean fewer overall shots, which is nice!
I guess I'll just have to wait and see how things pan out, and try to keep track of mood and other fluctuation-type effects, and see if I can determine any difference. The only way that I'd be able to change my dosage is if I started self-injecting, because the clinic only does the biweekly, as a matter of policy (staffing issues, I think). But they also have a policy that youth aren't allowed to begin self-injecting until a year from their first shot. So if I stay in the youth program, I won't have to think about this til next April, anyway.
I could theoretically switch over to the adult division when I turn 21 in September, but the only reason to do that would be to have more autonomy over my shots and start self-injecting. Also, costs would go up a lot- right now I've only got a five dollar copay for each visit and for each prescription, and my therapy is free. While I don't know what the costs are for the adult division, I'm sure they wouldn't be nearly so cheap.
I will, of course, continue to document any and all changes, but again, aside from arguable observations (some breaking out on my face; feeling sweatier than usual; high libido, but that's nothing new!), there's not much to report yet. Patience, young Eli!


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