Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Second time is charming

Only waited 35 minutes in the doctor's office last night before I got my shot, instead of 55 minutes. I should've brought a more interesting book (Rum, Sodomy & the Lash did not really live up to its title), so it's my own fault, but geeze, there's not really much in the world besides being hungry that makes me as grumpy/frustrated as waiting for something for no apparent reason. I mean, I know there was reason- Callen-Lorde is a very busy place. it's just that I was 10 minutes early, and there was no one else in the waiting room, so what the heck, friends?

Anyway, once I got in there, the shot itself was no sweat- I've had virtually no pain in these shots so far, just the brief prick of the needle, none of the worrisome muscle cramping I've heard so much about. I think because I'm getting the shot in the butt instead of the thigh, and because I massaged the area (although really, not that extensively, just for about five minutes before and after) both times, pursuant to the advice I've gotten. At my next appointment, they'll take some blood to determine how my levels are doing, to make sure that going up to a full dose is the best course of action. So three cheers for shot number two, and I'll of course be detailing any noticeable results as soon as they're noticeable.


CaptLex said...

"Rum, Sodomy & the Lash"? Sounds like my kind of reading material!

Congrats on your second shot. I know what you mean about Callen-Lorde. "What are they doing back there?", I'm always wondering.

Next week I get to go over my labs with my doc, and if all looks good (fingers crossed), I hope to be getting my first shot soon.

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