Saturday, March 18, 2006


Mary Ellen sent me the pictures from our photoshoot session, and they're fantastic. She's given me an awesome documentarian gift, and I'll post more of them here when I've had a chance to absorb and appreciate them. It's astonishing to look at the results of the camera's gaze- I recognize myself thoroughly, but surprises are littered everywhere. I'm so glad to have these.

Feeling under the weather today- in other words, sick as a dog. Fever last night and early this morning produced strange (fevered) dreams, many of which revolved around finding money for surgery in unlikely places.

Looking forward to the week ahead, my mom's coming to visit, and I know we'll talk and talk and talk, and figure things out. I can't overstate the importance of my family and the support I've gotten, so I've got faith this will be a good week. I have goals- I want to decide once and for all on a surgeon, and I want to figure out my name. There are too many variations on Elliott Michael Charles, I'm still in flux. I need to have a solid name before I go much further.

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