Thursday, May 10, 2007

slip away

So, I forgot to give myself my shot yesterday. It was only when Ro asked "so, how'd your shot go this morning?" late last night that I realized it was, in fact, Wednesday and while I'd been home and puttering around the house for a good two hours, I totally neglected my usual Wednesday morning ritual of masculine hygiene: brief workout, mostly of crunches/pushups; shower; shave; injection.

I think there's a post back in the archives of this blog somewhere, musing about how long it'd take for the excitement of transition to fade. Well, not long, I guess. I'm going to go home tonight and do it, and I've been marking it on my calendar, so if I pay a little more attention to what day of the week it is, I should be fine in the future.

I don't think there have been any ill effects, but I did realize that I was in an exceptionally good mood yesterday, and also managed to be slightly more patient than usual during a couple of moments of frustration.

Could be coincidence- my life is pretty good all around these days, what with the sunshine, and my sister's upcoming move to NYC to replace my imminently departing roommate, etc. I'd chalked my cheerfulness up to those factors. But maybe my late dose contributed, as well? It's food for thought, and has me wondering about adjusting my dosage and/or dosing schedule. I'm due in a week or so for my quarterly bloodwork check-up, so maybe I'll see where my levels are at and discuss it with my Doc.

I've been thrilled with the pace of my transition thus far, but I think I'd be willing to trade in quicker puberty for fewer bouts of grumpiness.

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