Wednesday, February 07, 2007

call for submissions

Just saw this call for submissions to an upcoming anthology...I'm thinking of submitting something, though not sure what yet. Anything I do submit I'll post here first, of course. Thought I'd throw this up here in case any of y'all reading this might want to write something for it. Regardless, there are some interesting prompts raised that I'll probably write about whether or not I send something off.


BEYOND MASCULINITY:Essays by Queer Men on Gender and Politics

Gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer men's gender identities often exist somewhere outside the traditional categories of "masculine" and "feminine." Sissies, drag queens, and leather daddies alike play with gender in a way that cannot be accounted for in traditional understandings of maleness. This collection -- part blog, part anthology, part audiobook -- aims to shatter traditional understandings of maleness and point towards a new understanding of how queerness and gender intersect.

BEYOND MASCULINITY is looking for contributions in four areas. Contributors should not feel bound by these categories - they should rather be seen as potential prompts:

I. Intersections of Identity: How do race, ability, class, and other kinds of identities and experiences intersect with gender and queerness -- and how do these intersections complicate our relationship to traditional understandings of "maleness?"

II. Feminism / Gender / Politics: How can feminism inform our understanding of queer male gender? Can queer men be feminists? How can we use our queerness as a political tool? What does male privilege look like for queer men?

III. Bodies, Desire, and Pleasure: What kinds of male bodies are desired? Fetishized? Where does sexual desire intersect with queer gender and how are these politics mapped out on our bodies?

IV. Queer Male Communities: How are our identities produced through our communities? How do the gender norms and politics of gay/bi/trans/queer male communities both liberate and constrain us?We're looking for queer male writers to step up and contribute their thoughts to this online project.

We're looking for personal / political essays. No academic papers, fiction, or poetry will be accepted. ***This is not your typical bookstore anthology.*** It will be only available online - and it will be completely free of charge to the public. With its unique implementation of media, this anthology aims to change the way queer non-fiction is done.

About the Editor: Trevor Hoppe is a Masters of Arts Student in Human Sexuality Studies at San Francisco State University. He has a long history of LGBTQ campus organizing as an undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he helped found the GLBT-Straight Alliance. While at UNC, he also helped found the Southeastern Unity Conference, which was focused on investigating the intersections of queerness with other kinds of identities. His essays and editorials have been published in several publications, including The Advocate, Boston's Bay Windows, San Francisco's Bay Area Reporter, The East Bay Alternative, and American Sexuality Magazine.

For more information on the project or to submit your work, please see our website: Questions? Contact Editor Trevor Hoppe at


Anonymous said...

I think you should put together some selections from this blog - you touch on so many great gender issues and the writing is really first rate. Course, I'm a little prejudiced...

Kate said...

Hey.. how interesting. Trevor Hoppe is the guy who I met with in San Fran to talk about SFSUs program in Human Sexuality Studies... looks like this is his big progject for the masters.