Tuesday, June 06, 2006


My voice is becoming an interesting variable, not under my control at all. It's been dropping, but then sliding back up again. Last week, I could feel my deeper tone and resonance, and today, I can't tell that it's changed at all.

Perhaps that's just me getting used to the change? Maybe this feels normal now, and it'll take another drop before I can feel that my voice is getting deeper.

I left myself a voicemail the other day so I could try to hear my own voice and see if it's changed, but I (somewhat disappointedly) couldn't really hear a noticeable difference. Again, though, it could be that I'm not very good at remembering what I used to sound like- maybe if I had a recording to play side by side, it'd be more apparent.

I know that it is dropping, though. More friends are commenting on it (I startled my friend Wane last night by dropping my voice as low as I could make it. Eli as Barry White. ha!) and I can usually feel the difference.

It's more unreliable than it's ever been, though. I'm a bit nervous about karaoke on Thursday, because I really don't have control over this voice of mine- who knows if it's going to start getting squeaky, or stay low?

I'm getting my 5th shot tomorrow (hurrah!), so maybe that'll precipitate another drop. I know it's unrealistic to hope to someday have my dad's radio-smooth baritone, but hey. A kid can dream.

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