Wednesday, April 09, 2008


My father came to visit for a hot minute last weekend, which was a nice time- our visits to each other are pretty infrequent, so it's always good to see him. As he has done every time I've seen him since I started transition, he specifically took a moment to tell me "Son, you look terrific. You look really great."

It's always a pleasure to hear, and every time I'm touched at his efforts to be proactively supportive. I think ideally, someday, he'll stop mentioning it because my looking "great" (as in "happily and healthily male", which is what I assume he means) will no longer be a novelty, and will be so commonplace as to not merit mention any more. But for now, given that it's only been a year or two, I'm still happy to get the validation.

Another fun moment during his visit: he offered to give me my shot. He used to be a nurse, so I loaded up the syringe and handed it over- bingo! It was a nice, if slightly odd, bonding moment. How many guys get to give their sons shots of testosterone in the butt? That's what I thought! He was surprised at how large the needle was- I draw up with a 20 gauge, and the 22 gauge I inject with is pretty darn big- but I pointed out how viscous the oil is...I imagine it'd take a real long time to inject with anything much smaller.

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