Saturday, December 01, 2007

huzzah! legal identity!

I got home to find that the last piece to the puzzle of my legal identity had arrived in the mail.

It took an astonishingly fast three weeks or so- I sent off the complete application, my certificate of citizenship with my old name and picture of my 10 year old tomboy self on it, and certified, notarized, original copies of a) my name change court order and b) my letter from Dr. Brownstein saying I've had "irreversible sex reassignment surgery."

Now the United States of America fully recognizes me as a male citizen, and I can go about getting new jobs, etc, with whatever amount of disclosure I so desire. Sweet!


hittme said...

so belated but. . that's so awesome. congratulations! that looks like one of the new passports with the fields of wheat, buffalo, and Mayflower (?) background scenes. is that right?

your picture came out nice.

Sam said...

Hi Eli, You're first name is pronounced just like my last name, Elia. The A is silent. Anyway, that has little to do with why I'm writing you. I wanted to ask about your letter from Dr. Brownstein, which you stated in your blog has the phrase "irreversible sex reassignment surgery". Could you elaborate on that, i.e., did you have a procedure OTHER than top/chest surgery done with Brownstein, or was it ONLY top surgery? I'm asking because, while my gender has been changed on my driver's license from female to male, the Social Security Office will not change my gender without a letter stating I've had the reassignment surgery. I have only had the top/chest surgery performed, by a surgeon here in Arkansas. I'm so curious if Brownstein gave you such a letter with only top surgery performed, 'cause then maybe I could compose one for my surgeon to sign off on, and get my gender changed with Social Security. I anxiously await your reply, and thanks so much for your time. -- Sam Elia,