Wednesday, September 05, 2007

beard pictures

Following are a few pictures from my last beard attempt, in July. the first is me joking about my vaguely Amish look, given the lack of moustache. the other two show the second, luck-o'-the-Irish iteration of that beard. It was nice 'n reddish 'n fuzzy, and I miss it, but these pictures definitely confirm (in my mind) the correct decision to shave it off. it was immature. needs more time to ripen! I'll surely post pictures this wintertime of my next attempt.

1 comment:

abby said...

gorgeous! nice beards, eli! i love beards. i admire your patience waiting for it to, erm, ripen! you know, you might just be too young for the full beard growth - my adam was definitely into his 20s before his beard stopped gaining territory. anyway, congrats on your luscious chin locks (eew, that made it sound worse than it is!)