Monday, July 30, 2007

TMC pride

Check out this link to the video I mentioned a while ago, taken by a guy wandering around the Pride Parade with a camera. You can see some TMC Network folks being very articulate, as well as me, about halfway through, with my charming sister. I'm floundering a bit and I don't really answer his question, since I didn't quite know how to, but it's interesting to watch, anyway.

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Jesse said...

Hey, Eli! It's Jesse. I just stumbled upon your Blog while searching the internets for our Pride video to see who has linked to it or written about it. I actually think that the way you handled that guy's strange question was very good!

Also, I see that you posted about wanting to get your passport with M. Just want to let you know that I had all the same docs as you, since I was born in another country and naturalized before transition. Though the lady at the post office was a little confused at first and had to go ask somebody what to do, she took all my docs and submitted them, and the passport came with M.